Offshore Trolling Lures

Off Shore Trolling Lures

The tournament winning TA Offshore Trolling Lure range has been designed specifically to target marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna and other hard running pelagic species.

There are 4 different resin head shapes and all feature a superb level of fitout and craftsmanship.

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SWIK Soft Plastic Lures

Soft PlasticsThe TA SWIK soft plastic range feature an incredible life like action. They pulsate and exhibit a high degree of body roll, even at extremely slow retrieval speeds and on the ‘drop’.

TA SWIK’s have attained cult status amongst a keen band of plastic fisherman

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Floater Lures


The TA Floater hardbody lure range has established a keen following from switched on anglers fishing the creeks and impoundments. This lures’ unique ‘roll and flash’ action, has accounted for a number of barra in excess of 60lbs!

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Shad Rattler Lures

Shad RattlerThe TA Shad Rattler Lure has a unique combination of internal bearings that gives it a high pitch rattle like no other.

The precision weighting make these lures vibrate real hard on retrieve, and on the drop they maintain an upright stance and actually appear to swim towards the bottom!

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